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Company Profie 

         Macro Mach Co.Ltd. is one of the prominent companies in Thailand that has the expertise in  designing and installing light, sound, acoustic and animation system, and a production of software/hardware and electronic device, such as immer, connecting device, controlling device, communicating device and audiovisual device.  This includes a supplement in service maintenance of many devices.  

Registered  investment  capital

         The company has registered a legitimate investment capital license of  5,000,000 Bahts.


Business Active)

        - Consultation
        - Control
        - System Integration
        - Design
        - Equipment Supply
        - Installation
        - System Renovation
        - Effection maintenance service with a protection advanced plan

Main purpose
      In order to achieve our goal, we have the responsibilities to                                             
       - Strictly business deal with integrity, morality and clarity.                       
       - Look for a newly launched product that is innovative and qualified to present customers.
       - Improve the capability and knowledge of staff so as to serve the high technology  which
          will be professionally serviced to customers.                                                   
       - Good business relation and alliance.                                                                      
       - Most importance is to customers.                                                                         
       - Take care of staff living.




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